Sex Positive Social Media

Value the labour of sexual content creators!

  • Sex work is real work and sexual content creation involves sexual, creative and emotional labour.
  • Sexual labour is valuable. Platforms benefit financially from the high levels of attention and engagement that sexual content creates. Platforms must prevent the non-consensual exploitation of sexual content and develop ways to respect, and materially value, sexual content creators.
  • Because sexual economies have contributed to building up the infrastructure of the web, and contribute to the profits that platform owners make, social media platforms should compensate sexual content creators - not simply through visibility or traffic but in material ways such as equitable distribution of profits.
  • Denying services, resources or spaces to sex workers is not only discriminatory, but contributes to violence, isolation, marginalisation and economic precarity. Sexual content creators should have equitable access to the same social tools as their non-sex worker peers.
  • Platforms have a responsibility to support their workers, including supporting their unionisation, collective organising and enterprise bargaining.
  • Platforms should develop practical ways to generate user respect for the contributions of sexual content creators. This can include using creators’ self-determined language, promoting avenues for users to support creators, preventing harmful behaviour or comments from users and offering pathways for creators to give informed, specific and dynamic consent for how their content is used.